Perfectly Composed of Iconic LEGO Buildings and Architecture Sets, Architectural LEGO Minifigs and Buildings Make for Exquisite Collectibles

LEGO Architecture  kits have become very popular with architects, engineers and designers. They are building blocks that can be combined together to create complicated structures. The pieces are interlinked to build each other. In this way, there is a great limit on the number of possible structures that one can make with them. One can use this opportunity to express creativity and to expand their knowledge of how things work together.

In LEGO Architecture, the buildings are made from many of the famous pieces that one finds in regular LEGO sets such as the Star Wars Empire Star Destroyer and the Marvel Spiderman Ultimate Spiderman Island. The LEGO Architecture sets let you build real-life architectural structures which can then be used for games and for decorative purposes. There are several components that make up an architecture set. They include the beams, columns, floors, walls, windows and the sky. You will find that all these pieces can be combined in many different ways to create different structures such as a supermarket, a bank, a hotel, a temple, a museum and even a skybridge.

One of the most exciting features of the LEGO Architecture set is that all the pieces have clear details. They really do look like they are part of a real building. For example, the LEGO Cityscapes Cityscape Building Kit has the exact measurements of the Paris skyscrapers. It also has the red, white and blue colors that represent the Paris sky. This makes it perfect for people who want to recreate the look of Paris and the City Hall or the Citade de la Courvalera.

Another exciting feature of the LEGO Architecture kit is that you can build the famous Le Corbusier’s Tower perfectly in scale to the original version. The set comes with two mini figures – the first one is the manager of the Capitol building and the second one is the actual tower itself. The buildings are also furnished with small figurines and a collectible booklet included. The booklet explains in great detail all the functions and features of the building.

The LEGO Cityscapes Airport is another great addition to the growing list of iconic landmarks. This impressive set has two flights to the famous airport, which measures 11 x 9 inches and includes the wings, the staircase and a luggage cart. The four smaller airports also have their own miniature replicas. The airport in Barcelona has a collectible booklet included, which describes how the pieces fit together perfectly to form the well known Barcelona airport.

The LEGO Paris Opera House is another great choice for those interested in replicating the famous Eiffel Tower. It is one of the largest of all the architecture sets and is also one of the most famous landmarks in Paris. The set contains the grand staircase as well as the trenchers that lead to the elevators. The stairway is decorated with golden trimming and the hand railing has been designed to look like that of the Eiffel Tower perfectly. The Collectible LEGO Cityscapes Louvre comes with a collectible checklist, which includes a list of the different aspects of the Louvre itself, as well as explaining why each piece is included.

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