Micropayment supporters believe that a simplified implementation

If retailers choose to package data in suites or offer only membership service, then macropayments will suffice to pay the bill. But if consumers are willing to pay for individual digital works like articles or songs, then micropayments will be central to shaping this new market. What is needed is a way to make micropayments user friendly and ubiquitous. Enter Microsoft, which has recently launched a smart card initiative to compete with Visa and MasterCard to control the standards for issuing digital money. Smart cards work like ATM or debit cards in that they enable users to pay electronically for goods on the spot.26 But smart cards go beyond ATMs by placing a user’s entire bank account on a chip in the card.

Fewer online transfers of actual 휴대폰결제현금화 reduce the opportunities for theft or abuse. Compaq recently purchased Digital and acquired the Millicent technology. Already a worldwide presence and IT skills to cope with the challenging non-functional requirements (like volume, performance, security…​).

Behavioral economics argue that the simple act of one click to pay for a webpage will deter us from using the Internet since we have been accustomed to paying nothing. Interoperability between micropayment systems is rarely provided let alone addressed. Interoperability is impossible because token-based systems create new currencies – eCoins, scrips, merchant-specific tokens, etc. Funds represented in one system can hardly be converted into funds of another systems. Some systems need extensions to allow customers to withdraw their money and exchange them back to dollars. Many micropayment schemes require customers to buy specific scrips for each merchant they want to pay.

Digital’s Millicent, for example, requires users to set up an account, maintain a virtual “”wallet”” of electronic scrip paid for by credit card or check, and then trade vendor scrip for broker scrip to clear their account. 24 Other systems rely on consumers setting up accounts with brokers who aggregate micropayments to place on a monthly credit statement. 25But again the barriers to entry are high and the vendor base is limited. Micropayment supporters believe that a simplified implementation can minimize the intrusiveness of micropayments and improve user experience, but their argument only creates double standards for the decision making process . A transaction cannot simultaneously be worth enough to warrant a decision and worth so little that the decision is automatic.

23 According to this theory bundling may occur among consumers as well as goods. Small groups that know they will share a product will be more willing to pay a higher price than the total revenue generated if a few chose to buy an item at a given price while others passed on the opportunity. If so, then Kelly and Goldhaber are correct and micropayments would only restrict the valuable returns of network effects.

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